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I’m trying to copy this website: www.vetstrategy.com
My website: www.blu-vet.com
How can I set the background with the dog as the first site?

Hey Assistenza,

Please enable the background parallax option of the section settings:

Hope this helps.

Hi, I have enabled it but the move is very short. It isn’t as the first site.

Hello Assistenza,

I have logged in and replicated the section from the sample url. I used classic section instead.

Please check it now.

it worked. I’ve read that i have to press ctrl to make a classic section.

Now can you kindly tell me how can I insert multiple elements in a single Classic row?
Like this:

Hi Assistenza,

Same as the v2 section, you can drag the desired elements inside the section/column.

Cornerstone / Content Builder - Interface Introduction


I know.
I have tried with “classic block grid” but the result wasn’the same.
May you help me?
Solved Thanks

Hi Assistenza,

Glad to hear it’s solved. Have a great day! :slight_smile:

on my home page I have added a video but it seems an image. I have used the classic Video element like in the www.vetstrategy.com website. Can you help me?
On console: “Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB)”
Can I embed a youtube video in a CLASSIC video container?

Hello Assistenza,

When you use video element, please make sure that you have uploaded the video in your site to avoid CORS issue. You may use Youtube video by using the Youtube embed code. To know where to get the Youtube embed code, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

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