Edit Global Block after inserting shortcode on page

I inserted the global block into a tab container.
Now, I need to customize the elements that are in the global block once it is placed on the page.
I don’t want to use the global block as a universal piece of content but a set of elements that are individually customizable once they are placed.

Is this possible?

Otherwise, I will have to make each individual element a unique global block, right? This could be more than 100.

thanks in advance.

In this post: Placing multiple cards across a single row using Pro - instruction please

I find that he is exactly right on about what probably hundreds of Pro users need. The ability to create a single formatted global block and then change the content - words, pictures, links etc. but maybe leave the structure to be ‘global’ after it is placed. You have all the functionality within X/Pro. Why not just allow this functionality to be used to adjust the content of an element that has been used inside a global block?
My use case is simply a ‘Resources’ page with cards made from the ‘Classic Promo’ element. I needed to use a global block because the tab element only allows the shortcode of a global block to be inserted. That is how I can put classic promo cards inside the individual tabs. This allows me to create a pretty dense resource page without cluttering it up or making the user scroll way down to find stuff. Here is a snapshot of my mockup.

You can see that if my resource page grows, I need to continuously use the global block but each one needs to have custom content inside it with the structure and format remaining the same.

Can you address this?


Hello @thoughtsociety,

Thanks for writing in!

The idea behind Global Blocks is relatively simple: to have the ability to design something once and then utilize it throughout multiple pages or areas of your website.

What you are trying to do is different from the function of global block. The only way you can edit a global block is to go to X > Global Blocks, and find which block you need to edit. What you need is to have template block if you want to have a template that you can use and then change its contents after placing it in a column or section. To know more about templates, please check out “Working with Templates” section here: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/cornerstone-content-builder-layout/122/1

And you can manage the templates in the Template Manager: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/template-manager/20364

Hope this helps.

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