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Hello Support Forum World,

I don’t know much about Wordpress and NOTHING about coding or what it means or where to put it. All I want to do is fix the appearance of my blog landing page because it is UGLY and NOT the style that I want. I have been able to figure out and edit all of my pages and basically everything else on Wordpress but I can’t figure out how to edit this one.
I want more than 2 posts displayed and I want the categories (eg: Life, Love, Travel) displayed so that when you click on a category title the actual written blogs are inside of the category links.

I have added a photo (i think i’ve added a photo) of what it looks like, or you can go to my website: myfanwypurslow.com to see how ugly my blog landing page is.

Please help me because I have spent the past 4 days trying to find SOMEWHERE on the internet an answer to my problem.


Hello @Kellidie,

Thanks for writing in!

Please be advised that the blog index is not editable with any editor even using the default WordPress editor. And that is because the items in the blog index were dynamically generated by WordPress and displayed with the theme’s template files. For more details, please check this out: https://codex.wordpress.org/Creating_a_Static_Front_Page#Creating_a_Static_Front_Page

Meanwhile, when using X or Pro theme, you will have options to style your blog index. Simply go to X > Theme Options > {your Stack} > Blog Options and in X > Theme Options > Blog where in you can choose to display standard and masonry layout. You may choose other options as well.

Hope this helps.

thank you for your response!
I’ve seen other people who have changed their layout of their blog index page though so I’m not sure how they did it.
Also why would wordpress build this huge website hosting page and have all of these amazing features yet you can’t edit even 1 part of the blog index page it doesn’t make sense.

Hey Miffy,

Technically, you can achieve different blog layouts in WordPress. However, that requires theme development knowledge. You will need to custom code your design.

I believe what you’re referring to is an archive builder where you can create custom blog or archive layout too just like the content, header and footer builders. That is not currently offered in Pro. But, it might be possible in the near future. Specifically, I’m referring to the Layout Builder Cycle announced in our July Status Report which you can read at https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/status-report-july-31-2018/39909


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