E&P Form Builder message about license


We’re having trouble with the license message in the E&P Form Builder plugin, see below. This should be in the theme right?

Scherm­afbeelding 2024-05-07 om 16.10.19

Hi @djkranendonk,

Thanks for reaching out.
The E&P Form Builder is a bundled plugin that comes with the X and Pro and does not need any separate license. This issue was reported to our development team a few updates back and has been already resolved. I have checked your WordPress admin and found the problem you are getting, I will report this back to our development team for further investigation.


Hi tristup,

Thank you for reporting the issue to the development team. However, it’s been seven days since the initial report, and unfortunately, the configurator is still not functioning properly. It continues to prompt for a key, hindering our progress.

We understand that these things take time, but could you please provide an update on the status of the investigation? We’re eager to continue with our work and would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide to expedite the resolution.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Hi @djkranendonk,

Unfortunately, there is no news on this till now. I will check with our team again and let you know about it.


We’ll have a fix in the next release. Have a great day.