Dynamic content vs dynamic styling

I think at first I thought dynamic content meant you could change the styling of every pages header text in one place. I understand this is possible with global blocks but then the actual content has to be exactly the same also.

So i guess my questions is…is dynamic styling in the near future?


Hi @clefler,

For the styling, you can add your css in Theme Options > CSS and that style will take effect globally in your site.
You just need to know your page header text class then use that class to style it.

For example, if your header text has my-text class

You can change the color by adding this in Theme Optins > CSS

.my-text {

That will make the color of your header text to red all over your entire site.

For more information kindly check the videos below

Hope this helps

ok, i understand that helps
I’m starting a site from scratch so what I’m taking away is that I should be giving a class to every type of element that I may want to change the css of in the future.

Hi @clefler,

Please also note that there are global settings for headings under Theme Options > Typography

As much as possible, kindly use the theme native settings rather than Custom CSS Codes.

Please check links below


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