Dropdown not working - WP super cache minification

After doing optimization with WP Super Cache and Cloudflare CDN, my mobile dropdown stopped working.
I believe the solution would be to exclude this file from getting minified…


I can’t seem to figure out how to properly exclude this file (In WP Super Cache).
Right now, I’m in development mode on Cloudflare, and disabled all of my caching and image optimization plugins, and the dropdown is still not working.

Can someone help! — website is jeffmodica.com

Or maybe Autoptimize is messing it up? Any suggestions? Please help!
I’ve disabled Autoptimize, WP Super Cache, and Cloudflare - didn’t work.

Hey @jmraisal,

Regretfully, website optimization is not included in our support service. Please contact the caching plugin developer to learn how to exclude files or better yet, exclude all resources of the theme. That is because Pro, X and Cornerstone are already optimized. For more details please see our performance guide.

Based on your screenshot, it’s Autoptimize that is causing the issue. If you can see, the error is coming from Autoptimize JS. It’s a minified file containing concatenated JS which usually causes issues. I’m not saying it’s bad to use it. In fact, it is recommended if you know how to use it.

Thank you for understanding.

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