Dropdown menu button, next post button, and scroll to top button not working


I recently changed the domain name of my website from profitanywhereblog.com to harrisonalley.com. Shortly after that change, my website stopped working due to some conflicts with plugins (mail forms which is supposed to integrate with my theme).

Once I deactivated plugins I noticed that various buttons on my website don’t work (see attached image). Any ideas?

Hi there,

If everything is working on profitanywhereblog.com and you migrated correctly as per the article below:

And if the harrisonalley.com is using another server, then this must be something related to the environment of that server which is causing the issue.

You will need to give us more detailed information regarding the problem you are experiencing and please if it is more than one problem make it separate on different threads to follow up.

Judging from the screenshot you provided the arrow icon of the button is not rendered correctly. The arrow is a font icon and it seems to be the problem of the server which you need to fix as per the guide below:

Thank you.

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