Drop down menus no longer working, Woocommerce compatibility issue

Let me try to explain this as simple as I can! I’ve spent a few days trying to figure this issue out on my own. I’ve searched Google. I’ve searched this forum. Nothing has worked.

So my drop-down menus were working fine… After downloading some plugins, they suddenly stopped. I deactivated plugins one by one to see which was the issue. I found that it was the Woocommerce plugin that was having compatibility issues.

I saw that X Theme wasn’t currently compatible with the newest Woocommerce so I rolled my Woocommerce plugin back one to the version that was currently compatible with my theme. That didn’t work either. I then tried to update Cornerstone (yesterday I think it was). That update failed for some reason and crashed my site. I went in and manually deleted Cornerstone altogether to see if that would bring my site back up. It did!

My drop down menus started working while Cornerstone was gone. However, I did want Cornerstone back of course. Cornerstone automatically reinstalled itself as I read it would after being deleted. Right now, everything else seems to be up and running perfectly on my site EXCEPT the darn drop-down menus.

I stopped and read all of the “similar” or “suggested” forum posts while writing this. I tried changing a couple of things and they still are not working. I also tried looking at my site on multiple browsers to see if that had something to do with it and that did not work either.

If I disable Woocommerce, then the drop-down menus immediately work. That would be the last resort though. Woocommerce seems to be the easiest, most inexpensive option for my situation. Although I do not have a store up and running quite yet (no products in the store), I had planned to open one next month hopefully. So I would like to get this figured out as soon as I can!

I also wanted to mention that the drop-down menus DO work if I am in the “Customize” area… But not after I hit save or publish and view my site…

Hey Katelyn,

I checked your site and the issue seems to be a conflict with WordPress’ jQuery and WooCommerce though that should not be the case. This is also not happening in my test sites where everything is updated.

Please try re-installing WordPress and purge all caches in your caching plugin after that. I see you’re using WP Super Cache.

If that does not help, please give us WordPress Admin and FTP access in a Secure Note


So strange! Okay, thank you! I will try that and report back.

You’re welcome and please let us know. Thanks!

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