Download support videos


It seems the support videos, like the one on

are not easily downloadable nor is it possible to change the speed. Watching at twice the speed, it would save me over 35 minutes in time for this particular video…
It would be great if I can either download the video or change the speed.

Hello Marcel,

Thanks for writing in! Regretfully we do not have any downloadable video. What I can give you is our Vimeo profile instead. You can check out all our videos from here:

If you want to download a vimeo video, you might need and account to login and be able to do so. Please check out the Vimeo Documentation:

Hope this helps.

It seems you have turned off the option to download videos. There is no download button according to the help page you suggested…


Hi Marcel,

The videos are not available to download.

Thanks for understading.

The thing is, I don’t understand.

Edit: Never mind, I found a Chrome extension to download them anyway

The thing is those videos are made for our users only (to be embedded on our Knowledge Base). Downloading it means it can re-upload to other sites, so we did disable embedding it to other sites and downloading it.

Anyways, glad you figured things out.