Doesn't appear to be an Cornerstone purchase code or Themeco license

I was able to register theme its self but Cornerstone warning poped up. I did change server IP recently.

Hi there,

You do not need to purchase Cornerstone as you already have the X theme. But it seems that the version of the theme is very old that you see the message.

Please, kindly backup your website first and then update the theme to the latest version. Then deactivate and delete the Cornerstone plugin.

After that follow these steps to validate the theme.

Then go to the plugins menu in the WordPress dashboard and you will see that Cornerstone is installed automatically.

Thank you.


How can it be old when I downloaded child and main theme from here?
Not really understand how to update when it already shows as up to date.

Hi There,

Thanks for the confirmation!

Seema you have installed the latest version of theme. You don’t need to install cornerstone or validate it.
Cornerstone is the part of the theme now. So don’t worry about cornerstone validation.
Seems your site is already validated.

Hope this is clear.


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