Do we have this kind of woocommerce integration

On this video I see some really useful things where the theme is tightly integrated with woo.

In fact, it seems that theme developer has implemented functions that are done by paid plugins.
Do we have anything similar in x ?

Hello @aap,

Thanks for writing in! regretfully we do not have this kind of integration in the X theme. If you upgrade to the Pro theme, you can utilize the Layout Builder which would allow you to create a custom WC archive layout like the Shop Index or product category pages and the WC Single product layout. If you are not familiar yet with the Layout Builder, please check this out:

Or check out these videos:

Best Regards.

The thing that stands out for Flatsome is that woo commerce elements are available for drag and drop just as any other native element, and available in all pages of the design.
That feature is a game changer. Any plans for x to do this???

Hi @aap,

Unfortunately, we don’t have any plans for that.


You mean this is not even in the dev. pipeline? If not I will start preparing my departure… For now dev. the store in FS then port the content I have over. I really doubt I am the only one needing easy woo commerce integration.

Hey @aap,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience! I’ll just add this as a features request so that it will be taken into action in the future but we can’t guarantee that this integration will be implemented in our theme.

Thank you for understanding.

ok, thank you!! Yes, many websites are built solely to promote and sell something, and without this integration x is missing half the purpose. Amazing builder, amazing support but building a store is still a pain…

Hello @aap,

We have added it to our features request I would suggest you please stay tuned for succeeding theme updates.

Thanks for understanding

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