Do Not Load Unused Google Fonts(xPro-v2.1.5)

Is there an easy way to prevent Pro from loading all variants of font weights with google fonts? I am only using 300, 400, 700, but it loads the italics anyway. I have tried using “font manager” as well as the typography settings in “customizer” with no luck.

Currently Loads:,300i,400,400i,700,700i&subset=latin,latin-ext

What I would like it to load:,400,700


I’d be happy to dig through the code to find the url and change it in my child theme as as needed but would be nice if you had a prettier solution.

Thanks for your help!

Hello Marc,

Thanks for writing in! Please be advised that the Google Fonts were loaded based on what you have set up in the Fonts manager. You must not select the other variants of the font so that it will not be loaded. To know more about the Font Manager, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

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