Do I need two licenses if I want my blog and pages at different addresses?

we changed our site address to remove the subdomain
so now pages are at and blog is at

it seems to be working well but now I get “Your license of X is not validated”. When I enter my purchase code I get a response that my license is already in use. It looks like I have to choose between using it for the blog pages or the pages on my wordpress account.

Do I need to purchase 2 licenses - one for each part of my wordpress site?

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Please note that sub-domain is considered a separate site. If you’re developing on a sub-domain, you have the option to activate your license on staging. If live, you need to buy another license.


So related question is what is best practice for businesses on wordpress who want to use it for both blog and landing pages? Do I need one instance for blog and one for pages? Do I need a multisite? If I buy another license, can I authenticate it for both my blog subdomain and my pages?

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If the requirement to have blog on a different domain ex new domain or subdomain then you will have to purchase a separate licence. However, most of the time users prefer to have blog on the same domain and for that you don’t need a new licence. Please take a look at following article:


That’s not quite it.

You see, I have plenty of pages (42 published) at (go check it out).

And I have lots of blog posts (500+ published) at

The probelm isn’t that I don’t know how to create pages.

The problem IS that I don’t know how to control the url structure so that Pages don’t contain “blog” in the url.

How can I create Pages so that “Blog” isn’t in the URL?

I’ve tried changing the settings in General -> Site URl and Wordpress URL, but that seems to break plugins including the authentication of my Themeco license.

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Use your main site ( to manage only one site. To do this, navigate to Settings > Reading

On the Your homepage displays select A static page then choose your home and blog index page in the drop-down.

The Homepage is your landing page, its the first page the viewer will see when they visit

The Posts page is the Blog index page, it automatically populate your posts from newest to oldest. if you don’t have a page named blog yet, please create it and set it as a Posts page

This will separate your blog posts from your pages. As you can see on your admin dashboard the panel for creating Posts and Pages is different, please don’t be confused by that.

Now since is a different installation (considered as a different site). Your problem now is you need to import these 500+ published blog posts to your main site (

How to move posts from one WordPress site to another

There is no problem with your current setup though, I see a few agencies doing this for some reason e.g. they manage the main site and blog site separately.

If you want it to merge then follow my advice, if you want to keep the current setup then buy a new license so you can validate both your main and blog site.

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