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Hi there,
I have two primary categories of posts on my website: ‘Blog’ and ‘Recipes’. I already have a Recipes page using Essential Grid to display my recipe posts, however I’d like to use the standard posts page that comes with the Ethos stack, to display my blog posts (i.e. posts with the category ‘Blog’).

How do I do this? Here’s what that page currently looks like (showing all posts): https://plantifulcoach.com/blog/

Hey @muriel,

That can be done by enabling Filterable Index in Theme Options > Ethos > Blog Options.


If you don’t want the filter to be shown, you can hide it using the following CSS to be added in Theme Options > CSS.

.option-set {
    display: none;

Just note that the theme customization using custom code is outside the scope of our theme support. Though it’s unlikely that we’ll change the filter structure in our theme in the future, you should be able to diagnose problems with custom code yourself as we do not provide support for custom codes.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the quick reply! I couldn’t find the category ID so I implemented this solution which worked:

/* Hide Recipes category from Blog page */

.blog .post.category-recipes {
display: none;

I have one more question: for some reason the page title (Blog) is not shown on the page, how do I display it?

Hey @muriel,

You can learn how to find the category ID here https://theme.co/docs/how-to-locate-category-ids

Regarding the blog title, the Blog or Index page of Ethos does not have a landmark header which contains the title. If you wish to have a title, you’d regretfully create a page and use the Essential Grid just like your Recipies page.


That’s a real pity. I prefer the layout of the Ethos posts page, I don’t want to use Essential Grid for this page.

Hi @muriel,

It’s great to use Ethos if it serves your purposes.


There are some nice things about Ethos but it is very strange that it’s not possible to have a title to the Blog page. I love the flexibility of Pro, but this is a weird limitation.

Hi @muriel,

Although it is not possible right now, in the near future, you can have full control over blog layouts, posts, index pages, and archive pages using Layout Builder.
More details about the Layout Builder was posted in our June Status Report here: https://theme.co/content/status-report-june-02-2020

As you are using Pro, you can create a custom header with Header & Footer builder with any Title you want and assign it to the Posts index page. Please find the screenshots below:

Hope it helps.

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