Different posts layouts for different screen size not working


I have just installed the latest version of your theme and I have tried to set different post layouts for different screen sizes and it does not work.
Screenshot 2021-11-24 153120
For example, when I set two column layout for the biggest screen size, two column layout is also automatically set to all screen sizes and I need to set one column layout for smaller screen sizes.

That was working great on previous versions.

Maybe I am missing something with the settings in the new version.

Please advise.
Kind regards

Hi @JacobZac,

Thanks for reaching out.
The screenshot shows that you are not using the latest version of Pro, I would suggest you update its latest version i.e. 5.1.4 and check if that is working or not.

Hope it helps.


thank you for the info.
I am using the latest version but I have sent you the screen shot from the older project that I am using (I am working on two projects at the same time). - my mistake.
But thank you for the screenshot, now I understand that I need to use the Template button in the new version.

Kind regards

You are most welcome, Željko!