Differences In Woocommerce Cart Templates


So I believe you guys changed your cart page templates for woocommerce. I will give you 2 examples of a cart page built in x pro and the one built in the newest version is kinda plain. Doing some inspect element it looks like the pieces are there its just different css. Can you give me more insight into this and if there is an easy way to switch to the older template?

I’ll give you a link to a product. Add a few to your cart and you’ll see what I mean with the cart.

Older: https://contourbeta.com/holmans/product/collard-greens/

Newer: https://contourbeta.com/daku/product/java-fern/

Hello @Contourandco,

Thanks for reaching out. We have compared both the old templates between Pro 3.1.2 and Pro 4.2.3.

Before anything else, we also highly recommend that you also compare those versions to the latest version which is Pro 4.3.3. If you want the old one, you will have to do it manually by copying the style CSS. You need to use the Google Chrome Developer Toolbar to check the live HTML code and find which CSS selector you need to use.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

So there is no easy way? Also, the thumbnail is going to take more than CSS to get it to load like the older version.

Hello @Contourandco,

Regretfully there isn’t any easy way to have the old styling back. It can only be done manually.


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