Demos and plugins

Hello, I trust you’re doing well.

What would you recommend as good source for Expanded demos / templates as well as Add-Os for both X and Pro?

Will you be releasing any more expanded demos provided than those currently available?


Hello Jacko,

Thanks for writing in!

Please note that Expanded demo content is only for X Theme. Expended contents provide fully working website. Expended demo contents can be imported from X > Validation > Demo content. You can get more information on demo contents here:

Regarding addons, we ship premium plugins bundled with X Theme and Pro Theme which can be installed fro X/Pro > Validation > Extensions after validating X or Pro Theme.

Design cloud: Like I said, extended demo is only for X Theme. On the other hand Pro Theme comes with Design cloud that are premade design elements that can be imported using Design cloud. For more information, please take a look at following resource:

Absolutely. We are constantly working hard to launch demo demo contents. In future we do have plans to launch new Expended demo contents.


Thanks very much for all your help!

You’re welcome!
We’re glad @Prasant were able to help you out.

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