Deleting date and slash in blog post

Hi. I am using the Maren skin in The Grid and want to get rid of the date in the blog posts. I tried this Global CSS code…
.maren .tg-item-date {display: none !important;}
…and it got rid of the date, but left behind the slash (/). What code to I need to get rid of the date AND slash, so that only the caterories remain?

Without CSS code:

Without date, but slash remains:

Hi There,

Thanks for writing in! Please provide us with the URL to your site, so that we can assist you with a possible workaround.


The URL for the page in development is

Hi There,

You can add the following CSS rules into your Customizer, Custom > Edit Global CSS area.

.page-id-1641 .tg-cats-holder::before {
    display: none !important;

Hope that helps.

Perfect! Thanks. BTW, how can I find out the page-id or menu-item of a page or menu I’m working on? Thanks.

Hi There,

Page IDs and Post IDs can be identified using the similar way that we have mentioned here (

To identify menu IDs, right click on the web page and select inspect element and then you can inspect any element on your page which you can then see the underlying code.



I’m using this code to hiude my post date:


However, i still get the slash forward after the author name. How can I hide it?

My site:


Hello @MashuMashu,

You can add following CSS to hide the separator:

.p-meta>span:after {display: none;}


Perfect!!! Thank you very much!


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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