Customizing the site for mobile devices

How in Cornerstone can I adjust the appearance of the site for mobile devices? I can change the lackpoints, but still the appearance changes in each device. I want to set the appearance for the page opened on PC and a separate appearance for the page opened by mobile devices.

Hi Jacek,

Thanks for reaching out.
We are not sure what do mean by appearance for mobile devices, do you want to show a different design or layout? If that is the case, you can use a different section with a different design for different breakpoints and hide or show it through the Hide During Breakpoint option. If that is not the case and you are trying to point out something else, please explain a bit more to understand.


I wanted to separately create content for a site displayed on large screens and separately for mobile devices. I have already solved this problem. Thanks!

Hello Jacek,

Glad to know that things are well with you.


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