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Hi - to back up Customizer settings it says you need to back it up in Customizer Manager under Addons. However, it does not tell you exactly where the Addons are or how to get this page? There is no diagram or picture or explanation.

Would appreciate any help.

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Hi there,

You could find it on the page when you click on the X link that is on the sidebar of the admin area

Thank you but I am not having the customizer manager show up for me. What am I doing wrong? Here is what i see:

I want to know how to create a backup of my Customizer settings…it says to go to customizer manager page under Addons but not sure how to do this.

Hi There,

Sorry for the confusion, it is actually in X > Validation > Export and it was actually now called Theme Options Settings (not Customizer settings).

Thank you,

Thanks for your response. It caused some confusion and unfortunately, your message did not come before trying to import the demo content myself.

I am now trying to customize the site and getting some issues with Accordian elements. How do you get the accordians to connect with one another without a space in between. For example, see this image:

I want them all to connect but when I drag one on top of the other, it does not let me. What is the difference between an accordian and an accordian item? Kindly let me know.


HI there,

There is 25px below spacing between accordion items. You can adjust it when you set the Spacing option that is under the Item option of the accordion element.

Accordion element is the actual element accordion items are the item options that is in the accordion.

Thank you. Do you have any other instructions on how to style or customize the accordians. I am not sure how they work exactly.

Also, the menu bar items do not show up unless you hover over them. How do I get rid of that? Appreciate you helping me with the customizations of the theme.

Hi there,

What changes do you wish to change in the accordion? It’s a broad one which includes CSS knowledge, selectors, and etc. It’s good to start with specific requirements. Though, we may not able to provide everything if it’s a complex one as we don’t really provide customization.

And please open new thread for each new issue or question, it’s to prevent confusion and for better issue tracking.

About the menu, would you mind providing the site’s URL that has this issue? I didn’t see that on any of your screenshot.


This thread has to do with my Customizer Manager and customizations. I was not initially given the proper instructions and so imported the demo content but thank you for responding now. You can see my screenshots if you read my previous messages in this thread.

With respect to the accordians, I assumed it was ok since it is related to my first question… do you have any articles or links on editing the accordians or how to read the instructions as I could not find anything. The instructions provided to me on the Customizer Manager above were initially incorrect as it was called something completely different in the dashboard. I ended up wasting a few hours so if you have some good guides, I would really appreciate it so I can figure it out myself as that is my preference…it is just that the knowledge base is not that helpful.

I am looking to change look of the accordian, colour, fonts and actually want to know what else I can do because I am not really liking the look of it that much. If you show me any instructions on this as a start I can then let you know.

I also want to know why my menu only shows up when you hover over the menu bar for the Renew theme. How can I go about fixing this? I could not find any instructions on this. I imported for Renew theme which is giving this problem and here is a screen video of what I am experiencing:

Hi There,

Here’s the documentation for the Accordion element. It does have a lot of options divided into tabs ( There is also the Classic Accordion element which has way fewer options. Try both and see which one do you like.

Regarding the menu issue, what is happening there is your navbar background-color and the navbar links color are the same, so your menu blends to the background. To resolve that either you change the navbar background-color (under X > Theme Options > Renew) Or change the navbar links color (under X > Theme Options > Header)

I just assume that you’re using the Renew stack (base on your screencast), but if you’re using either Integrity or Icon stack. Please add this custom CSS to Theme Options > CSS instead to change your Navbar Background-color

header .x-navbar {
	background-color: tomato;

Hope that helps,

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Thank you … the menu got fixed. I will read through the Accordian element section.

However, a more serious issue I am facing right now is the fact that I am trying to create a new Contact page and edit it in Cornerstone and am unable to. When I click on Add New Page, I just get options for my other page builders like thrive, WP Bakery or Elementor. However, Cornerstore only comes up beside the Text Visual tabs beside the wordpress edit box. When I click on Cornerstone, nothing happens and I’m wondering if there is some kind of conflict? Here is a screen video to show you what I mean:

I am also not sure what default tempalte to use to create a new page. Many thanks!

Hi There,

The new page needs to have a title and permalink first before you can bring it to the Cornerstone. Put a title to your new page and save it as a draft or publish, then edit it with Cornerstone.

I also advise deactivating your other Content builder plugins (if you are not using those) to avoid conflicts.

Note: Once you have built your page in Cornerstone, do not edit this page outside of Cornerstone or else you won’t be able to edit that page back in Cornerstone.

Hope it helps,

Many thanks. I will try that and sincerely appreciate it.

You’re most welcome!

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