Customize X in Theme Option

Hi there,

When I hit the Customize X in Theme Option button, this page doen’t load well.
I’ve updated the theme and Cornerstone to the latest version and cleared all caches.
Can you see what’s wrong?

Kind regards,

Hi Frank,

This usually happens when you update either X or Cornerstone but not both which is causing an incompatibility issue.

Kindly make sure you have both updated to the latest version and clear your site’s and hosting cache after.

Hope this helps.

Hi Jade,

I’ve done all that, but no result…

Hey @frankmoester,

I see this error in under Themes.

Looks ilke you have not installed X properly. In that setup, that looks like X was installed inside an x folder because you installed the whole package that you got from Themeforest and not the installable zip file only.

Please delete X and follow the Theme Installation guide at


Alright. I did that, but the incomplete messages are there again.

Hi There!

Thanks for the confirmation!

I can also see the broken folders. Please check the theme Theme folder of your WordPress installation via FTP and remove any unused folder or file other than X and let us know if that removes the message.
seems there is some unused file or folder causing the message.

Regarding the cornerstone issue, I can see your WordPress version has not updated. Please update your WordPress for a possible fix!


Thanks a lot!

You’re welcome.

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