Customization of Ethos 1 Home Page to additionally display Category Posts

Hello There,

I am using the Ethos 1 Demo for a blog and have few queries.

  1. I want to retain the same Ethos 1 home page look that displays the blog posts and additionally display posts section wise from different categories. For example: as Cars and reviews section used here:

  2. Is it possible to apply this customization to the default Ethos 1 home page or do I have to create a new custom home page?

  3. If it’s possible to add this functionality using the child theme, it would be great if you can share the codes and process to add them.

Appreciate your suggestions, Jay

Hey Jay,

Regretfully, we cannot provide a specific customization instruction for this because this requires a lot of steps. If you are a web developer, you can check out our customization guide to learn how to generally customize X. See

Alternatively, you can build a page using Cornerstone and use one of the bundled grid plugins to display the posts. Please see the items below:

Hope that helps.

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