Custom widget text and background color


That screenshot is taken from a page where the background is set to be #080808. “most recent news” is a custom widget block, currently with white background w some padding. I’d like to (suprise suprise) have the text white and background black. is there anyway to achieve this? to be clear: I need to do this change only at this place. so elsewhere the widget areas can look normal.

All help appreciated a ton. :slight_smile:

Hello Hannes,

Thanks for reaching out. :slight_smile:

Can you please share exact page URL so we can give you the necessary CSS codes? Just to let you know that we will be using page id feature of WordPress so that the changes are limited to that specific page which it seems that you are looking for.

If you would like to learn about finding page id, please take a look at following resource.


Sure, here’s the link
(screen capture is from the bottom of the homepage)

Hello Hannes,

Thanks for updating the thread.

It looks like under-construction page is active on the website. Please share the website login details in secure note.

It is very common to need to share sensitive information with our staff such as login or FTP information. In order to keep this private, be sure to use the Secure Note button that you will find at the bottom of each reply.


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