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Hello there.

I have some very odd problem with a custom header especially its assignment.

My site is a multi language site not using polylang but the Multiple Domain plugin by goINPUT IT Solutions. The logic of this is: a main domain “someurl.language” roots directly to the WP homepage, “someurl.other-language” is redirected to “someurl.language/other-language”.

So there is a main home page for the someurl.language and a copy of the home for the other someurl.other-languages…

for the “other-language” hompage there is a specific custom header. For all other “someurl.language/other-language/pages” there’s an another custom header.

If I call the main domain in browser the proper header appears including the “green link” at the end of the menue.

If I cal the “other-language” url, an old header appears, which is actually non-existent in the cornerstone anymore. If I call the “other-language” url by someurl.language/other-language/pages the proper header appears.

No matter how many times I delete the cache, the browser cache or use private window. The “non-existent header” still remains on the direct call of the “someurl.other-language”.

What might be the issue here?

Hi Ondrej,

Thanks for reaching out.
We are not aware of the said plugin and haven’t tested it with our theme, and never had any report of conflict on that. If the older URL shows the Header which is not exist or has already been deleted, it should be the problem with the cache. I would suggest you contact your hosting provider to purge all the server-level cache, and check if that resolves your issue or not. I also went ahead to check it through the WordPress admin dashboard, but, unfortunately, the credentials show Your account has not yet been approved. error.

I would suggest you check and share the credentials once again.


login works now. Needed to be approved.

I thought, it must be a cache issue… but as I did what I could to get rid of the cached data… hmmmm

I try again and triplecheck… maybe you’ll find something as well.

Thx a heap

It seems the cache on some bl… server was cleared finally. It works fine now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Ondrej,

Glad to know that it start working again.


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