Custom fonts per heading size


Not sure if I searched the wrong terms but I am trying to define each H by specific font,size and typeface:

H1 - (banner font and other H1’s - in banner use #ffffff on light bg use #282828)

ALL CAPS - Amiri Bold 50px condensed

H2 - (banner font and other H2’s - in banner use #ffffff on light bg use #282828)

ALL CAPS - Heebo Light 22px - letter spacing 1.2em

H3 - ALL CAPS - Heebo Bold 18px #970a02 and #fcae47

Body - Heebo Regular 16px #666666

I added custom fonts under the font engine but do not see how to select them in the text editor in Pro on a line by line basis. Is there a better way to do this? CSS?


Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, we can do that with a custom CSS, but I will advise you with a native method.

First, please upload your custom fonts and defined it in Font Manager. Read my reply here it might help.

After you successfully install those custom fonts, it should show on the headline/text element font-family options, all the text formatting you need is there (font-size, color, background, text-transform, etc.).

Setup your headlines (H1, H2, H3) like how you want it to look. And then save those as Preset Templates, you just need to apply/load this Preset Templates to your succeeding headlines and those will get the same styling.

Hope it helps,

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