Custom dropdown navigation


Could you help me with setting up a navigation? I am trying to create a similar dropdown to the on this site:

When opened, the navigation has a fullscreen image background, slightly animated links and contact link/button. Basically I would like to copy this navigation setup. Is this possible with the X-Theme?

Thank you in advance!


Thank you for reaching out to us. Yes you can have a similar menu in X by using Superfly’s full screen menu, you can see the demo here

To learn how Superfly menu can be used in X please see also checkout it’s official documentation here

Please note Superfly is a bundled plugin that comes with each license of X and Pro so you don’t have to purchase it.

However if you need to create more complex header then I’d recommend you to switch to Pro as it offers Header and Footer Builder which gives you flexibility to achieve your desired designs, please see and

Hope this helps!

Hi @Nabeel

Thank you so much for help! This was exactly what I was looking for!

You’re most welcome, Marcus.

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