Custom 404 Plug-in, HTTP Header status is 301

Why when using your custom 404 plug-in are the headers returning 301 and not 404? The correct status for a error page is 404 so it is not indexed. That’s quite important because a correct code 404 delivered tells search engines that the page does not exist and has to be removed from the index. A redirect in a HTTP code 301 or 302 and the URL would remain in the search index.

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To investigate it better, if you could post some logins details in a secure note and we`d be happy to take a look.

P.S: You can search by “secure note” on this article if you don`t know about this:

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May I know where you get the 301 status? I checked and the status is 404 for 404 pages.


I do apologize, it appears that it is correctly displaying the correct status. It was a 3rd party monitoring system that was giving me a false reading.

No problem. Glad you have figured this out.