CSS loads late, causing visible flickering

For some reason the CSS loads late and causes the menu and header elements. I see some fixes, but am not entirely sure how to implement.

I’ll forward WP login separately.

Hello @WaggingLabs,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

I ran a speed test on Pingdom and the average load time is around 60.00 s. I suggest you to please take a look at speed test result and also our performance optimization guide to improve load time and doing that should also fix the CSS loading issues.

Note: Never share login details in public. Always use secure note feature so that the information is in between you and Themeco staff. I have enclosed the login details in secure note for you.


I’m curious to learn how you were able to test a password protected site? https://gtmetrix.com/ couldn’t test the site because it wasn’t authorized.

I was able to test one page load with https://performance.sucuri.net/ and total time results seemed normal with an average result at .224 seconds (total load time for one page varied between .059 and .469 seconds)

Hi There,

Unfortunately, GTmetrix does not analyze password protected sites.

I only use the Browser’s dev tools. Your homepage completely loads not more than 6s. So that is kind of fast considering you have a number images on your homepage.

The flickered issue that you’re seeing is when the down-chevron-arrow shows-up moves the menu items a bit. You can install a caching plugin to improve the loading of your site fonts and CSS.

Improving Site Performance Tips


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