CS not saving changes

All of the sudden a page has stopped accepting changes. When I don’t make any changes (upon loading CS builder) and immediately hit save, it proceeds normally. However, if I change anything, those changes will just display Uh oh! and fail.
Login details to follow; please take a look!

Hey @flashfog,

I tried to edit and save the page and I didn’t encounter an issue. You’ll see that I’ve removed the the colon after the headline.


Since saving works on my end, the issue could be in your browser. Please clear your browser’s cache and also try testing Cornerstone in another browser especially in incognito mode.

If you have browser extensions, please temporarily deactivate all of them and test again.

And for good measure, please perform the troubleshooting suggestions mentioned in our Common Issues article here: https://theme.co/docs/common-issues


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