CS Elemement Development V2 (Non classic)

We have access to the docs regarding CS Element development for the Classic V1 ( https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/knowledge-base-overview/287)

Is there documentation / tutorial / examples for developing V2 elements?

My understanding is classic elements are not going away - but it is confusing our users having both classic and new elements available to them

We don’t have development documentation for V2 elements yet. I can’t confirm when that will be available, but there are a a few more elements we want to release first (Tabs for example).

From the X > Settings page in your dashboard there’s an option to hide or show the different element types. You can only show your customers classic elements, or only show them V2 if you want.

I see the option to filter - but until i port our classic elements over - I have to leave both options enabled.

I am also concerned about how I migrate the old element shortcodes once we finish with them. As they will be stored in a number of description fields.


Please note that there are no equivalent shortcodes for the v2 elements though the old shortcodes will still work and that it will always be supported.


Why do you list them separately and flag them as classic - it confuses our users.

Hi there,

The reason is that the underlying technology of those elements differ and you will see that the way the options are laid out in the Classic elements is different than the V2 elements.

Anyway, thank you for your feedback.

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