Creative CTA not working on devices

Please take a look at the CTA I added to the bottom of this page

The interactive text and icon are not showing on iPad and iPhone but it works on iMac. I am using the latest X version.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong. Thank you.

Hello Cindy,

Thanks for writing in! The issue could also be just caching. I can see that you are using SG Cachepress plugin. Kindly clear the plugin caches and test the site again. You may also need to clear the browser cache of the iPhone or iPad. It is best that you use private browsing mode or Chrome browser on your iPad or iPhone.

It could also be caused by a plugin or other things. You may do the following:

Best Regards.

Thanks for the response, but I cleared cache and even deactivated Polylang (using no other plugins except for what Siteground provides) and it’s still not working on iPads or iPhone.

Hello Cindy,

I have investigated the issue and I found out that this is a bug with the latest release of the theme. I will be reporting this to our developers and add it in our issue tracker. I cannot promise any fix at the moment. We will just wait for the developer to fix the issue and a patch release will be rolling out soon.

Please bear with us. Thanks.

Understood, thanks.

You are most welcome Cindy.

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