Creative CTA icons not centered

Hello guys!

Lately our Pro website at started showing creative cta icons not centered on hover.

This problem never showed before and no changes were made in the meantime.
Could you help us fix it, please?

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in!

I have checked your site and hovered the button. I could not replicate the issue:

Please clear your plugin caches (if you have installed WP Supercache or W3 Total) and then clear your browser caches as well. you may use private browsing mode when testing your homepage.

Please let us know how it goes.

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@RueNel thank you very much for your help!

I needed to pause CloudFlare for DNS testing purposes (while keeping W3TC) and I didn’t notice that it works like a charm now.

My first screenshot was taken in guest browsing, but with both Cloudflare and W3TC active, using the very same settings as explained in ( i’m always searching the support forum :heart: )

Is there a workaround to prevent cache problems like this?

Hi there,

Glad that you have managed to fix the issue. Unfortunately the CloudFlare is a heavy caching system and it takes time in many cases to reflect the changes even after multiple time purging of the cache.

The only suggestion we can give is that do not use the CloudFlare during the development phase. But if you are in a production you will need to do the same thing each time to reflect the changes.

Thank you.

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Thank you @christopher.amirian, you are right!

After plenty of tests I found out that CloudFlare cache always cripples something in production stage, even after purging many times the cache.

So we resolved to rely on it only for DNS. Since then our website suddenly got a huge speed improvement and everything is working perfectly.

Problem solved! :sunglasses:

We’re glad we were able to help you resolving the issue.

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