Creating space between two images


How can I create space between two images? Right now they are too close to each other and I would like to adjust how much space/padding I have between each of the images.


Also, you’ll see I have two sections where I have three images in one line, however there is no space/padding between the images. When I try to add one, the middle photo gets bigger than the other two. How do I add space? Thank you so much!

Hi @randomnameee,

Thank you for writing in, but you’re using a 3rd party plugin named column shortcode unfortunately we can’t provide support for 3rd party plugins.

What we can advise though is use the Cornerstone for building your pages.

Cornerstone Introduction.


That was for the second part of my question, how about the first part?

How do I create some seperation or padding between the individual images that are not in the column shortcode?

I tried using but that doesn’t work.

Hi @randomnameee,

You can utilize the Spacing Helpers Class for adding spacing to the elements.

CSS Class Index

Add a class mbl to your Images.

mbl = margin bottom large

<img src="URL HERE" class="other-classes mbl" />


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