Creating Inline Menu with Multiple Lines in Pro

Hi there,

I have an inline menu element with a series of top links that need to wrap to a new line as the viewport shrinks. I’ve looked at the suggestions on this thread: Inline menu needs multiple lines but can’t tell which element needs it’s flexbox settings adjusted to make this happen. Screenshot of the basic setup included below.

There are flexbox settings on the navigation element, the column, and the row.

Which needs to be adjusted and how?

Hi @BodhiJames,

Thanks for reaching out.
I have followed the exact instruction given by my colleague in the reference thread and found that it is working fine. I would suggest you please replicate every setting and value to get the desired result.


Hope it helps.

Yeah unfortunately those instructions don’t seem to be working in this case. My guess is between the settings for the row, the column, and the inline navigation, it’s some misc setting that’s off but I can’t see what it is.

Here’s the page:

Hi @BodhiJames,

I have set the same settings to the Navigation Inline element and found it is working.

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