Create Custom Headline with an Image Background

Hello. Im trying to follow your article here under available controls. I don’t have any options to set a graphic background behind my headline text. Was this removed? I want to create a nice top header graphic with text and a button. Please let me know how that is possible. Thank you.

Hi Kris,

Thank you for writing in, the graphic option is still available on Headline element.

I suspect that you’re using the Classic Custom Headline element which only has a few options.

But I’m wondering if the graphic option is really the one that you need as that only add a graphics to the headline and not a background-image. Please provide us a mockup design of what you’re trying to do or a sample site.

Hope this shed some lights,

Hi. Yeah, that section is not visible to me under Headline element. I dont have a graphic setup tab like that. Can you please take a look? I added login details via secure note above, thx.

Hi Kris,

Thank you for the credentials, first thing first I saw that your X and Cornerstone version is not compatible, so I did go ahead and updated your Cornerstone to the latest version to avoid any incompatibility issues. Please clear your browser’s cache on your end.

Regarding the headline graphics issue, just as what I said above you’re using the Classic Custom Headline element. It was the (V2) Headline element that has the Graphic option.

Hope this shed some lights,

Hi. Thanks for taking a look. I have current Cornerstone and X theme and all current plugins updated. I still do not have that option for a graphic in the background when I use the V2 headline, see attached. No section that even says “graphic”

Hello There,

Please try to clear your browser cache. I have check and it is there:

For more information, check our changelog regarding permissions here.

Note I didn’t save what I did. I just add headline to see the issue.

Hope this helps.


I have followed all of the steps and cleared my cache, I am still having the issue. BTW, the page I am having the issue on is the one I linked to above, you guys keep posting the home page, which is NOT the page I am having an issue on. Please check this page.

Hey Kris,

Upon checking, you do have the Graphic option. I added icon to your Headline text so you could clearly see.

Based on your previous screenshot, it looks like the user level you’re using does not have permission to use Advanced Mode. Try logging in using the account credentials you gave us so you’ll see exactly what we see.

You can set the Permissions in X > Settings. For more details about Permissions, please see

In the screenshot I showed you above, it looks like you have achieved what you need? You have an icon (graphic) on top of your title and a button below. That could not be achieved using the Headline alone.


Ok so two things.

  1. When did you roll out those user permissions and why do they default admin to hide V2 elements and a host of other things? Very odd choice for a default admin role imo.

  2. I only see a graphic icon element for the headline, I don’t see a way to add a background image still.

Please see the attached, I am trying to recreate a section like on the home page, how can I do this on other pages I create? screenshot of homepage

Hi There,

Thanks for the feedback.

  1. We added that Permissions Manager feature on Pro 2.1.0, X 6.1.0, Cornerstone 3.1.0 update.

The admin has all the rights by default. Regarding the Advanced mode, there are users does not want the other complicated settings of an element, and there are users that want all the settings, so we give them the option.

  1. I wrote above.

Background-image option are on Section, Row, and Column. With your screenshot provided, you need to apply the background-image on the Section.

V2 Section

Classic Section


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