Create a home site without menu header

Create a home page without menu and without header ( similar to the example page )

I wish to create something like that without menu and after selecting one of the options to be send to the rest of the pages where there would be menu, and everything would be completely normal . ( I wish to add an ad on the sides ( where it is usually the sidebay widgets ) Could be done ? How? thanks

I want to add a ad banners on the left and right side . How can i add them . I have tried everything with the page but there is not an option to create a proper page and create additional place to put banners thanks

Hey @Borislav.VD,

Thanks for writing in. What you’re trying to achieve is no possible with X but is possible with Pro as you can assign a custom made header built with Pro’s Header Builder. With the Header Builder, you can also create a left and right bar where you can put your ads. You might want to switch to Pro.


To this moment I can not switch to PRO i do not have enough knowledge and I am used to use this theme . How can i Make at least something similar . thanks

BY the way how can I change the background just of 1 page ( as a background) thanks

Hi There,

To add a background, you can try adding the following CSS rule with your page id. .site {
background: #fafafa url( center top repeat;

Page id you can locate by following this guide (

Could you please provide us with the URL to your homepage, so that we should be able to assist you with a possible workaround for your other issue.


Thank you i am going to try it. sure , i am going to put the link in secure note, thanks for your help !

Basically I wish to avoid header, footer and menu . Have at least background and the proper page ( like the example this is VC achieved it is not at problem at all ) I need just the format .( avoiding menu,header,footer and creating a sidebar where put a banner if possible. thanks .

Hi There,

To remove header and footer menus, use the following CSS rules.

.page-id-641 .x-navbar-wrap {
    display: none;
.page-id-641 .x-colophon.bottom #menu-primary-menu {
    display: none;

If you need to eliminate complete header and footer, use the following CSS rule instead.

.page-id-641 header, .page-id-641 footer {
    display: none;

Hope that helps.

And which would be the code of the page for this code .site {
background: #fafafa url( center top repeat;

by the way, How can i put an additional banner ( for adsense ) on right and left ??? If there is a need of any additional plugin would be ok . thanks

And if is not possible . how can i increase the wider of the proper page ( ONLY for this page ) thanks

Hi There,

You can set your Section to have a 1/5 + 3/5 + 1/5 column size, that way the 1/5 column on side will serve you as a sidebar where you can place a Content Area element for you to put your ads.

You mean that /prehome/ page? You can use the custom CSS below to increase/adjust the main container of that page only.

.page-id-641 .x-container.main {
	width: 100%;
	max-width: 100%;

Hope it helps,

Ok great I am going to try it right now , by the way how can i do the 1/5 +3/5+1/5 . Which is the code and where i should put it . thanks

iT would be responsive is not it ? I mean the smartphones and tablets would be able to see it correctly is not it ?

Nothing changes with any of the codes , where i must put it . I am trying to put them in wp admin/ customize / additional css …but nothing happens :frowning: I have put all the codes that i wish to use ( the unique i do not have it seem to be the code for the 1/5+3/5+1/5 ) Please give me all the codes customised for the unique page thanks !

Hi Borislav,

This thread is super confusing, before we continue with this path, let’s clarify your goals and find out what it is the easiest way for you to achieve which will end with a good result.

1 - If you want to create a page without header or footer, you can select the template blank no container no header no footer.

2- You can edit the page with Cornerstone, add a section, add a background to the section. Click on the customize tab of the section > Inline CSS and add : min-height: 100vh;

3- You can than edit your page in Cornerstone and divide your row using custom grid and add there 1/5+3/5+1/5

This will give you a nice landing page with NO SIDEBAR, If you want a side bar, based on your site I would suggest to also NOT USE a sidebar, but build a sidebar looking column on Cornerstone.

Hope this helps, if it does not, please provide an example of a page similar to what you want.



1 ) done it seem to be OK and responsive . -->
2 ) I am using VC for this page and i can not use the cornerstone at least in this one .
I wish to add a specific background like in this link to this concrete page .
I know how to put a background on the row but the question is how to put the background back of all like a general classic background like appears in this website .

  1. I know how to do it with VC in fact it is done .

4 . OK when i said sidebars i was referring to what you have called 1/5 ( to the area that usually corresponds to the sidebar ) I do NOT need a sidebar at all .

Hi There,

Glad you sorted out most of your issue. For the #2 please see the page’s Background Image(s) option and add your background-image there.

Hope it helps,

Ok i have the next problem . Following your advices i have a too wider page - it is a full page right now . How can I modificate the change it in order to be displayed over 70% of the wide ??? Right now it is displayed on 100% so I wish to make it narrow. Approximately 70% ( and be responsive for smartphone,etc ) Thanks

Hi There,

You are refering to :

If yes, please add the following CSS to Theme Options CSS

.page-id-641 .x-main {
    width: 72% !important;
    margin: auto;

Hope it helps

yes could be possible to delete the link thanks

it does not works , in which area i should paste the css code ???

Hi There,

You should past on X > Theme Options > CSS

Hope it helps!

I have a problem the css works but i can not add a background … Basically i have changed the wide to 80% but the rest (20%) are in white and i wish to add a background theere . I have added a image in the library and i have selected it in the background box of the same page , but there are not changes . I wish to add a background of the rest of the page and not into the content. thanks

something like that have a background on the rest of the page

Hi There,

You can try with this CSS:

.page-id-641 #x-root {
    background: url(// center top no-repeat;

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

It has worked but right now I have another problem . I have selected an image as a background in the proper page from the classic box of the x theme but this image does not appears as a background between the rows of the VC . How can i put a background between the rows of the VC . thanks

I attach a photo

Could be possible to add additional ad panels that allows clicks as the follow link thanks

Hey There,

How can i put a background between the rows of the VC .

  • At the moment, you are using two contents bands having each with a row. Please edit your page. Create only one content band where it displays the background image, you will need to have two rows instead.

Please check this out: