Countdown timer 99 day limit?

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I am using a countdown timer on confirmation pages to get students excited for when my course runs next, only thing is that at times, the course is further out than 99 days. What are my options here if I don’t want to install a plugin just for a countdown timer? Any chance this will get updated to include more than 99 days?

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Can you please confirm which plugins you are using for the countdown timer?
This is something not a theme setting, so out side of theme support scope. We can only point you to the right direction if you confirm the plugin name and your website.


This isn’t a plugin, this is the countdown element inside of x theme.

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Sorry for the confusions but Cornerstone/Content builder has no native Countdown element. There is a Counter element but that is counting up.

Based on the screenshot you provided above, that seems to be the Under Construction plugin, however, I can not replicate the issue on my end.

As you can see I was able to set that to 99 days. Please configure your Under Construction plugin and set the Completed by option, 99 days from the current date.

Extension - Under Construction

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