Cornstone does not work after update

Hi, after an update cornstone crashed the website. After we have updated the php version, the website works, but now if we click on edit a site, we see the error message " There Has Been a Critical Error on Your Website". Before that we could choose and click “eddit with cornstone”.

Please kindly tell us how to solve the problem.
Thank you for your help in advance.

Hi @sarma22,

Thanks for reaching out.
I have checked your website and found that you are still using the older version of X i.e. 5.1.0 whereas the Cornerstone has been updated to its latest version 6.1.4. I would suggest you please copy your live site to a staging server and update the X theme and the Cornerstone by following the below steps.

  1. Delete the existing Cornerstone
  2. Update the X theme to the latest version on automatic updates.
  3. After the X theme is updated, use the link in the dashboard to automatically install the Cornerstone. It will be in the latest version

As you are using a much older version you may need to create a few pages from scratch as a few of the shortcodes and elements are already deprecated in the newer versions.
If everything goes fine in your staging please migrate the staging server to live.

Hope it helps.

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