Cornerstorne cannot be updated :(

cornerstorne cannot be updated even if i just bought a x 5.0 theme.
I have a cornerstone 1.05 that i do not succeed to update probably because it is linked to my old 4.2 X theme that i did not succeed to update but replaced throught ftp.
it still ask me validation of x in cornerstone extention updateeven if when i click on it it goes to a page where it is registered.

How could i solve this update to cornerstone 2.5 please coz i cannot delete anything on cornerstone.

thanks and great job that this app is.

Hi Alex,

Please try to Revoke the licence then revalidate it again you can do this in X > Overview and you will find the Revoke Validation link at the bottom of the page.

You can find the guide here:

Once you have revalidated, login through FTP and go to wp-cotent/plugins then delete the current Cornerstone directory that is in there.

Log back in to Wordpress and reinstall Cornerstone from X > Overview.

Hope this helps.

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