Cornerstone vs VC

So i tried upload cornerstone and activating it. It will not turn on. Like SEO Yoast you dont need the plugin to be active to be the base of the rest of the functionality. Is that the same for cornerstone?

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Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! I have to disagree with you. A plugin must be active so that you can use any of the features offered by the plugin. For further explanations, please check out the code about Plugins:

To get acquainted with Cornerstone, please check it out here:

Hope this helps.

This is up for debate. lol. The yoast plugin must be inactive for the premium plugin to work but still be loaded. That’s just facts. I was simply asking if thats how cornerstone operates because i dont even have it installed and with pro it seems to be part of it? Is that correct?

Yes, Cornerstone is integrated within Pro and it will deactivate the plugin version of Cornerstone.

I’m not sure why you want to install the plugin version though. If you want to use Visual Composer, the plugin version of Cornerstone is not needed because it is already part of Pro.


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I dont want to use the plugin version. LOL. i was verifying it can operate without it. As Yoast SEO needs the base plugin to even operate premium yoast even though it remain inactive.

Hi There,

PRO does not require Cornerstone and it won’t allow you to have it active since it has a similar builder already built in.

Please uninstall Cornerstone from PRO since it is 100% unnecessary.

Hope it helps


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