Cornerstone V2 headline fonts not responding


I am trying to use the new V2 Headline element. I have tried to implement the desired font in the Integrity customization area as well as the cornerstone settings. but there is no change. I have included a link to an example page with the V2 headline element loaded above a small piece of body copy and then the classic custom creative headline element below which is what the V2 is supposed to look like. Also, I can’t get the font to change in the classic creative CTA.

I have tried everything I can think of, I hope you can help.

Hey @nobaku71,

I see in the front-end that your Body’s Font Family in Theme Options > Typography is Open Sans and that is what the V2 Headline is using if it is set to Inherit. To change the font, first, you will need to setup a font in the Font Manager. If you’re not familiar with the usage, please see

Once you have a font setup, it will be able to select the font in the Font Family option of the Headline element.

You’re using Francois One for your Headings Font in Theme Options > Typography. This is the font that is being used by the Classic Custom Headline.

If what I described is already setup in the back-end but not taking effect in the front-end, the issue could be a result of caching. If you’re using a caching plugin, please clear all caches including your browser cache then check again if the issue persist. Also test in other browsers and incognito mode.


So I have all of the suggested process in place already. i dont have anything set to “inherit” when i tested that it pulled up a completely different font set that i have never selected. I am not sure why the cornerstone element marked “headline” would show the font I have selected for body copy as you suggested. I am confused as to why it would show up in classic headline but not the new Headline element. I hope this makes sense… it seems to be a pretty fundamental issue. If you set the font manager to a specific set fonts they should populate accordingly

Thank you kindly for your help!!!

OK>>>>>> i figured something out. you have to select the option within the actual element then save a preset in order to have that used elsewhere. very diffrent from the classic mode. man. that was incredibly frustrating i spent hours on this. With V2 you really do have to create your own global styles. I have been so used to dealing with classic X cornerstone and global customization. problem solved. thank you.

Hello @nobaku71,

Yes you are right. each of the v2 elements has it’s own default settings and will rely on the the individual element settings. The Theme Options > Typography will only take effect for the classic headlines and/or the headlines you may have added in the default WP Editor.

It’s good to know that the issue has been resolved.


I had this same question and found this topic. I am having the same issue. I have my default global fonts selected in typography. However, I sometime find that Inherit setting in certain elements does not use the font I’ve chosen in the global settings. Why don’t they? And if they don’t inherit the global styles, what does “With V2 you really do have to create your own global styles” actually mean? If you don’t mind, @nobaku71 would you explain that better? Where do I create my own global styles at? In CSS?

Hello @AudreaRobbins,

Thanks for updating this thread.

The inherit value means that a property should inherit its value from its parent element.

The thought of having to inherit the global setting is incorrect. If you are using v2 elements, you must set the font and other property settings in the v2 element settings because it will be using its own default settings and not from the global settings which was already set in X > Theme Options.

Hope this helps.

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