Cornerstone Upgrade now Problems - Blew Up Internet Message


After upgrading to Cornerstone, while working on my website, I get the message “Oops I blew up the Internet. Page not found …” I can’t make any changes to my website!!! Every time I try to make changes, I get the message I discussed. This is not acceptable. Help! Can run a business when a website doesn’t work!!!

In reading other threads, I see there has been an update to X theme.

How do I check to see what version of X theme I am running?

I have a child theme, Agency. If I need to update X theme, how does this effect the child theme? Do I need to do anything to the child theme?

What are the proper steps to update the X theme/child theme if it is needed?

Is there anything else I need to do eg clear cache and so on to make things run smoothly again?

Need option to roll back cornerstone upgrade if there is not an easy solution. Very frustrated!!!


Hello Karen,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

You can check X Theme version X > Validation.

Changes added into Child theme won’t get affected when updating the parent theme. You can find more information on following post.

There is no need to update child theme. However, to update parent theme, please take a look at following article.

Yes, after updating please make sure to clear site cache (if you are using cache plugin) and browser cache. To clear browser cache, please take a look at following article.

You can install the stable version by downloading the package from members area. Please see screenshot.


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