Cornerstone Theme Validation

Good afternoon, I have purchased cornerstone and have the API validation key. When I enter the API in my Theme X, there is an error message that says “Could not establish connection. For assistance, please start by reviewing our article on troubleshooting connection issues.” Could you help me fix this issue?

Thank you

Hi David,

Please note that we now use purchase code to validate your theme and Conerstone’s Purcahse Code is different from Xtheme Purchase Code. If you have an xtheme license, you don’t need to purchase Cornerstone it comes bundled with the theme.

I guess you have a really old version of the theme, if that is the case, you need to manually update your theme and cornerstone using FTP

See Manual Updates Section on the link below

After updating your theme, you can validate it using your purchase code.

For troubleshooting you may refer to this link.

Troubleshooting -


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