Cornerstone short code not working

I have a basic text page created outside of Cornerstone. I want to add a Cornerstone global block to the bottom of it but it is not accepting the short code in either the Classic or Block editor. Is this usual?

If Cornerstone short code won’t work on a page built outside of Cornerstone, what is the process of editing this page in Cornerstone? When I attempt to edit my basic text page in Cornerstone, it gives me 3 options:

From Scratch, Use Template, Clone Existing.

I baulk at these option. It sounds like I have to start building the page again where as I just want to add a Cornerstone global block.

Your advice will be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Angela,

Thank you for writing in, I just check on this and the native WordPress editor (Gutenberg) should accept the Cornerstone’s Global Block shortcode.

Can you confirm that you place it inside a shortcode block like this:


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Hey that did it! Thank you very much.

Hi Angela,

Glad that we are able to help you.


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