Cornerstone says I Need to Activate Theme - Theme Page says Activated


Checking if there is any help with this. Trying to unlock templates for Cornertone, but it says:

By validating X. Once X is validated, Cornerstone will automatically be validated as well.
You can validate X here.

I click the link and it takes me to the X Theme which notes my site is validated?

Not certain what to do here. Thanks.


Make sure you have the following version numbers

Then try to revoke and re-validate your theme

Hope that helps

Use the original theme /NOT child theme.

Cornerstone Plugin doesn’t allow child theme to be activated. I move to active original X theme, then it works.

Hope it helps!

Hi There,

Thanks for the input, but Cornerstone works fine with Child Theme.

If you are facing issues like this, please open a new thread, briefly explain your situation and provide your ftp and wp admin credentials in a secure note.

Thank you