Cornerstone plugin not updating

Hello, I am running an old version of Cornerstone (1.0.6) and it won’t update.

The site is

There is on a plugin with same name - but its version is 0.7.5 and since mine (the one from themeco ) is 1.0.6 WordPress thinks that it is already up to date.

How can I fix this please?


Hello @selfhelpafrica,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

We distribute Cornerstone only from Codecanyon platform as standable plugin. It also comes bundled with X Theme that can be purchased from Themeforest. As you are using old version of Cornerstone and X Theme, you will have to manually update the same. You can take a look at following resources for more information.


Thanks for this.

I am running X theme version 4.1.0 and plugin Cornerstone 1.0.6.
Neither offer an update within wordpress (see attached). Should I therefore update via ftp?

And if I update, can I anticipate that the site will be broken, considering how out of date it is?

Hi There @selfhelpafrica

You’re running older version of X theme with another older version of Cornerstone plugin, so that our automatic updates will not work on your system.

The latest version of X theme is (v6.4.6) and Cornerstone plugin is (v3.4.6) as you can see here on our version information ( I would suggest you to manually install X theme and Cornerstone plugin to make it compatible and then you should be able to validate your site to activate automatic updates as well (

You can simply download the latest version of X theme from your Envato account, then delete your current X theme and Cornerstone plugin and then you can re-install it. All the current settings and your data will be saved in the database, so it’s safer to delete your theme.

Please note: Since you’re currently running an older version, I would suggest you to take a full backup of your site before updating.


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