Cornerstone Page Maker

Hi… trying to help a friend with her site… we found that cornerstone page maker is not working… it worked all day and then not… keep getting a “fatal error” and the skeleton portion pops up but not the full working view. Also, the pop up links quit working when the cornerstone page maker did… I felt that perhaps we needed to purchase it, and thus did so… This whole thing is a mess and I need some help and support in knowing what is purchased and where the API keys are for it…

Site is : she is using ThemeX and then the cornerstone and slide revolution

Robin Gandin

Hi @MommaRobin,

Thanks for writing in.

As I checked on the site, the only problem that I see is that the setup is not updated to the latest version. We could not also help much if the version is not updated. Please update your setup to the latest version.

Let us know how it goes.

Don’t forget to backup first incase you want to revert it if it does not work well. I could say this because the version you are is still version 4.

Another way to be safe is that create a duplicate site in your local or other domain then update it first then if everything goes well, replicate the things you did in your live site.

Let us know how it goes.


Thanks for your reply… I have tried to update it and it fails!!! That is why I went in and bought it thinking that the “builder” was using his own copy… as the owner did not have a “license” or API key…

This one is wonky… works sometimes and not others…

Hi There,

Please follow this article for Product Validation, but that would be the last thing you need to do since you can not validate an old XTheme and Cornerstone.

Your girl friend might have a latest WordPress, and outdated XTheme on latest WP is incompatible.

You need to manually update your X THEME and Cornerstone and the Extensions/plugins that is bundle with Xtheme first, you can follow the Manual Updates guide provided here

And if your site is under a caching plugin/feature please clear it after the updating.

Only then you can validate the site.