Cornerstone not working. Unable to edit any post/page


I chose X-theme with Cornerstone for the following website (launched back in 2015). It was working fine - and just noticed that I am no longer able to edit any posts and pages using Cornerstone… which seems to be holding my content hostage. The website still displays fine, but can’t edit. The site has not been moved/migrated since it’s launch.

I’ve tried deactivating plugins - and nothing has changed. I’ve used different browsers and cleared their caches, and nothing.

The website in question is

The website, themes, and plug-ins are up-to-date as far as I can tell. Here are the plug in versions (current):

WordPress: 4.9.1
X: 5.2.5
Cornerstone: 2.1.7
Envira Gallery: 1.7.1 (this is currently deactivated, as I can’t seem to update it)
Slider Revolution: (I’ve deactivated this one to no effect. I’ve since reactivated it)

There are a couple more plug-ins, but none that should create a problem. They are: Akismet, BackUpWordPress, Contact Form 7. All are up to date. That’s it.

Please advise as to how to fix this issue. It started out of nowhere.

Hi there,

If your content was created with the old version of our builder which then was content builder then the update to the new version might be the problem. There are many many things that are changed since 2015 and virtually you can not have the same content with the new builder.

Please kindly contact your hosting service provider and ask them to roll back the website to the one that was before. Then create a staging website and do the update there.

After that, you need to check the content of the old and new one. You most probably will need to recreate the content with new sections and elements.

Also in the new version, I suggest that you follow up the troubleshooting guide below:

Thank you for your understanding.

Are you saying that I basically have to recreate the content for a website that I built using YOUR builder from just 2 years ago?!

I don’t even know what you mean by creating a “staging” website. Do you mean recreate the website on a local installation - and then relaunch it?

If these are the solutions you’re suggesting, then don’t thank me for my understanding - I’m furious.

Please contact me by phone (or e-mail) so I may speak with someone in support about how to do this.

Now excuse me while I think of what I’m supposed to tell my client about how much this is going to cost them.

I look forward to your response.

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in!

I have inspected most of your pages and I can only confirmed that the “Custom Design” page is the only one that uses Cornerstone. Other pages were using plain shortcodes and this was not created in Cornerstone. Please keep in mind that only pages created in Cornerstone can be edited in Cornerstone.

Your homepage on the other hand was created with Visual Composer. I can confirmed this because the homepage is using content bands. Cornerstone is using sections and that is a big difference.

Christopher suggested that you set up a staging site and re create each of the pages by using Cornerstone. The staging site is a must for every live site. This is very useful because you can test drive any X updates in the staging area, do customizations, rebuild pages so that you can easily export/import pages to the live site and troubleshooting without disrupting your live site. Once everything is perfect, you can easily and flawlessly proceed the update in the live site. To know how to create a staging area, please check out these articles:

By the way, we cannot contact you by phone or email. Our support only offers community based support which is available 24/7. Our staff is always around to respond to your thread.

Thank you for your understanding.

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