Cornerstone not Visual Composer to run X theme

Thanks in advance. I had a developer design my web site and now I am wanting to concentrate on speed, loading time. When I turn off Cornerstone part of the website breaks, turn on Cornerstone and turn off Visual Composer, another part of my web site breaks. In my search for an answer, Cornerstone is getting better reviews. Can I run X theme with only Cornerstone? How?
I’m on wp 4.8.2 and all Themeco produsts are updated.
Thanks again, Russ w

Hello @Ask4Russ,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Please note that Cornerstone is a essential plugin to run X Theme. In that regards deactivating Cornerstone will break the overall layout of website even though you are not using Cornerstone to build page layouts. On the other hand Visual Composer and Cornerstone work absolutely fine side by side. As you want to run the website only using Cornerstone, you need to rebuild existing Visual Composer pages in Cornerstone. I am sharing few resources that will help you to get started with Cornerstone:


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