Cornerstone not loading for 'Posts" only - Content gone on back end

Perhaps this is not clear enough. The content is there - I think maybe just in browser memory. On the backend there is no content - just shortcodes. The update basically ate my pages. This is wack.

The content is there but there is no option to update the content. Both the text and html views of the normal page view is a set of shortcodes and no content. The last big update I had major issues and figured I would just deal with it but I would like you to take a look so hopefully it won’t repeat. Example 1 of 9 or ten just like it.

I have the exact same thing. The posts are there, I’m just not able to access them with Cornerstone anymore. How do we solve this?!

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Same thing! So frustrating. I updated Cornerstone and the Cornerstone feature disappeared. Clicking on the Cornerstone tab in Wordpress left sidebar broke the site and kept telling me to login again. No cornerstone in posts, all code.

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Hello There,

Thanks for posting in! This issue happens because of the new Permissions manager which by default, editing the Posts with Cornerstone or the Pro Editor is disabled. Please go to X/ Pro > Settings > Permissions > Administrator tab > General and enable the Posts. For more details about this new Permission Manager, please check out our changelog here:

We would loved to know if this will work for all of you. Thank you.

Thank you. That works. Best.

You’re welcome.
If you need anything else we can help you with, don’t hesitate to open another thread.

Wow! Guess I’ve should’ve read the manual before asking :wink: Sorry to have bothered you with this, just panicking you know :slight_smile: It works fine again thanks to this, thanks!!

You’re welcome.

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